Legal Aid

At The Police Station.

if you are to be questioned by the police, you can get free advice whatever your income. This is the case whether you attend the police station on a voluntary basis or you are interviewed outside the police station if there is a police officer present.

At the Magistrates Court

We hold a Legal Aid contract so we can do Legal Aid work. Legal Aid in Magistrates Courts is means tested. If you are on a low income or benefits you are likely to be eligible for Legal Aid for the initial consultation. If you earn between £12,475 and £22,325 per annum you may be eligible for Legal Aid. If you earn over £22,325 you probably won’t be eligible for Legal Aid but in exceptional cases legal aid may be granted.

Contact us and we can tell you whether you can get Legal Aid and help you apply for it. If you don’t qualify for legal aid, then we can represent you privately.

At the Crown Court

Legal Aid is currently available in the Crown Court for matters committed for trial or for an appeal irrespective of your income, however you might have to pay a contribution towards the costs of your case. This amount is determined by how much you earn.

Private Funding

There are some cases whereby Legal Aid will not be available, for example Road Traffic cases, or if you don’t meet the criteria for Legal Aid in these situations private funding can be arranged.

Paying privately means that a solicitor will be dedicated to your case and will be accessible at any time to deal with your concerns. You will have their mobile telephone number and they can arrange appointments at short notice or travel to meet with you at home or at your office.

We can deal with any type of case on a private paying basis ranging from minor motoring matters to the most serious offences such as Murder.

If you instruct us on a private basis and are successful you may be entitled to some of your costs back.

GQS Solicitors offer the lowest private rates in the country and we may be able to work for you on a fixed fee basis.

Contact our defence team for more information.