Complex & Serious / Business Crime

In recognising our expertise for dealing with high profile, complex, serious prosecutions and fraud cases, the Legal Aid Agency have awarded GQS an accreditation to allow it to act in VHCC [Very High Cost Cases].

GQS are amongst a small number of elite firms across the country authorised to defend these type of cases as our solicitors have undergone strenuous examination and scrutiny as to their qualifications and experience.

The specialist solicitors at GQS Solicitors are also leading experts in defending serious and complex fraud cases.

We have a highly skilled team which include experienced Solicitors and Barristers. We also have access to nationally recognised experts in all areas such as forensic accountants, telephony and computer data analysts.

We possess the enormous experience and resources required to defend any fraud or serious crime case, anywhere in the country.

Our Solicitors have the best case management system, an excellent understanding of technical evidence commonly relied on in such cases and are trained to have thorough knowledge of the law relating to all aspects of serious crime.

All areas of complex crime are covered including:

Advanced Fee Fraud Gang Land Killings Large Scale Importation Grooming cases
Mortgage Fraud Contract Murders Nationwide Supply Trafficking
Long Firm Fraud Domestic Murder Conspiracies
City of London Banking Fraud Revenge Murder Production
Company Fraud Manslaughter
VAT and Diversion Fraud
Boiler Room Fraud
Internet Fraud




Police Station Representation
At GQS we understand that to be interviewed by the police can be a distressing and intimidating experience. GQS Solicitors has solicitors on call 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to advise and attend free of charge for anyone being interviewed by the police be it voluntary or under arrest.

Every Solicitor is trained/experienced to give the best possible advice.

Magistrates/Youth Court
If you are appearing before the Magistrates/Youth Court you will need specialist advice and representation from people who know what they are doing.

GQS has a team of specialist advocates who practice in a variety of Magistrates/Youth Courts on a daily basis.

We provide assistance with regard to advising you to the strength of the prosecution evidence, whether to enter to a guilty plea, the likely sentence if convicted and issues to be addressed in order to be successful at trial.

The solicitors at GQS also conduct trials, make bail applications and represent clients at sentence hearings on a daily basis.

Crown Court
The Crown Court deals with the most serious offences.

We have considerable experience in dealing with the most serious of allegations that you may face.

We expressly deal with all serious offences that come before the Crown Courts such as Murder, Rape, Robbery, S18, Fraud, Drug Offences etc.

We have access to any barrister of your choice should your matter proceed to the Crown Court.

We have a resource of well respected forensic experts who are able to consider subjects such as facial mapping, finger print/handwriting, post mortems, psychiatry and a range of other areas.


Motoring offences are a common occurrence and a particular hazard for business people on the move, our expert motoring solicitors represent clients nationwide and have an excellent track record in helping people retain their driving licence.

Sometimes a motoring offence may be minor; other times it could be far more serious with potentially devastating consequences. If you have received a notice of intended prosecution or have been contacted by the police we can advise you on the best course of action to take.

If you have been summonsed to Court our solicitors can provide you with information on the likely outcome of your case and, if necessary, defend you in court, especially if you face a driving ban / disqualification.

GQS Solicitors have extensive experience of the full range of road traffic offences, including :-

  • Careless Driving
  • Dangerous Driving
  • Death by Careless Driving
  • Drink Driving
  • Driving Whilst Disqualified
  • Unfit to Drive
  • Driving with No Insurance
  • Driving Without Care Due
  • Exceptional Hardship
  • Failure to Furnish
  • Failure to Provide Specimen
  • Mobile Phone Offences