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GQS Solicitors and EncroChat Specialist

The brief circumstances of such cases, involve the allegation that the defendant(s) have been involved at various levels within an organised crime group, whereby multi-kilos of Class A drugs have been supplied and millions of pounds worth cash transferred within the organised crime group.

A large amount has been said and written on the encrypted communications platform EncroChat and the related conspiracies and defence. At GQS Solicitors our knowledge and understanding of such cases is rooted in our ongoing representations of defendants alleged to have played a leading role in EncroChat conspiracies.

Alleged EncroChat Conspiracy

The alleged conspiracy is likely to involve several individuals that are alleged to have had various roles to play.  The prosecution will contend that a Defendant was high up the chain of command or played a significant or lesser role.  

It is important to understand that in such cases, the case advanced against the Defendant is likely to be based in the main on inference.  The inferences invited to be drawn in such cases being based predominantly on the EncroChat evidence.

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Prosecution Case against each Defendant

In summary the EncroChat data for such cases is provided by Europol to the National Crime Agency (NCA) and from the NCA to various Regional Police Forces. The Prosecution case is adduced almost entirety of their case electronic material of one form or another.  The Prosecution rely almost entirely on a large volume of EncroChat contact between Defendants to establish association with one another.  In addition, the EncroChat material, in particular messages, contacts, passwords, nicknames, wifi and notes, are relied upon by the Prosecution to establish knowledge and involvement in the alleged Conspiracy.

Encorchat and other telephone evidence

The EncroChat evidence in the main is more likely than not to be substantial. The EncroChat evidence having been collated by a police analyst who will have produced several EncroChat and telephone charts and schedules, which will then form the basis of the Prosecution’s case against the Defendant.

The aim of the Prosecution schedules being to show a large amount of regular contact between the Defendant

and others in the conspiracy and to indicate that the EncroChat evidence clearly demonstrates that the Defendant had regular telephone contact with other key players, providing instructions at relevant times leading up to, during, and after drugs deals had been concluded.

The Prosecution thereby seeking to establish that a proper inference can be drawn by examining the call patterns between co-conspirators at relevant times.

GQS Solicitors Defence of EncroChat cases

In seeking to defend such case GQS Solicitors, understand that it is both necessary and reasonable to consider in detail the Prosecution’s evidence, insofar as it relates to schedules, charts, timelines, wifi, site cell analysis, ANPR and telephone records, as such detailed consideration, has clear relevance to the overall case bearing in mind that the majority of the Prosecution case will have been based on the EncroChat evidence, and inferences that could be drawn from call patterns and cell site analysis.

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Our Team of Solicitors at GQS Solicitors will ensure that detailed examination of the call schedules produced by the Prosecution EncroChat analyst are undertaken, with a view to highlighting that the charts and schedules produced by the Prosecution do not accurately reflect the base material.  Our solicitors, thereby, being able to identify potential innocent and relevant material that may have been ignored by the Prosecution analyst and that may not have been included on any of the charts and/or schedules. 

Once it had been established that the Prosecution analyst has been selective in the EncroChat data included in the schedule and charts, it will be necessary to examine and consider the vast amount of telephone material including raw data, billing, incoming and outgoing calls, and cell site material, ANPR records, receipts, travel records and any other material likely to place the Defendant in a different location at the relevant date and time. By doing so, we ensure that there are no more discrepancies.

Conspiracy Drugs Cases Defended by GQS Solicitors


AR & Others (Kingston Upon Thames CC)

It was alleged that the defendants imported class A drugs from Jamaica in a vase. This defendant was acquitted after trial.


A and W & Others (Kingston Upon Thames CC)

We acted for  2 defendants in a multi-handed drugs conspiracy of importation of drugs from Columbia, Nicaragua, Switzerland.


WH & Others (Birmingham Crown Court)

We acted for a defendant who was charged with a number of defendants with conspiring to supply class A drugs in the West Midlands.


MA & Others (Birmingham Crown Court)

This was a multi-handed conspiracy to Import a substantial amount of drugs from Pakistan in machine lathes.


IV & Others (Warwick Crown Court)

We acted for this defendant who was involved in a conspiracy to supply class A drugs in excess of £190m.


RC & Others (Preston CC)

This defendant was involved in a Count Lines conspiracy to  Supply Class A drugs in the Barrow-In-Furness and Coventry areas.


PW & Others (Warwick CC)

This defendant was charged with a number of defendants with Conspiring to Supply Class A drugs in the Warwickshire area.


DD & Others (Snaresbrook CC)

Acted for client charged with conspiracy to import cocaine from multiple countries hidden in golf bags.


IMS & Others (Worcester CC)

This defendant was involved in a Conspiracy to Supply Class A Drugs at HMP Hewell.