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Representation at Police Station

Why have I been asked to attend voluntarily at a Police Station?

Attending voluntarily at a Police station, is not designed to be a “friendly chat” amongst friends. The Police have a duty to investigate all alleged crimes. Being asked to attend voluntary attend at a police station, can simply mean, that you have been requested to attend for a voluntary interview and:

That at this stage the police may believe that you may be able to assist the Police with their investigations or...

That the Police may suspect you of having committed an offence, and wish to interview you about a criminal allegation, but as at the date of your request to attend voluntary, the investigating Police officer does not have sufficient evidence to arrest and charge you.

Will I be arrested if I attend voluntarily at the Police station

Whilst there is always a possibility that you could be arrested when you attend a voluntary interview, this is unusual as the purpose of attending voluntarily is to avoid the need for arrest. Being requested to attend voluntarily, means that you are not under arrest, and you do not have to consent to an interview.


Can I refuse to attend voluntarily at the Police station or refuse to be interviewed?

Yes, as both your attendance at the Police station and interview is voluntary, you can refuse to attend and/or leave the police at any stage. However, it may not be in your best interest to either refuse to attend the police station and/or the voluntary interview.

Why is it in my best interest to attend voluntarily at the Police station?

With the assistance of GQS Solicitors, you will be invited to attend voluntarily at a Police station, at a date convenient for all parties, thus allowing you the opportunity to be mentally prepared and have available all the required physical evidence to support your position/defence. At the Police station you will be questioned by the investigating Police officer under caution about the offence(s) you are suspected of being involved in.

If you refuse to attend voluntary, at the Police station, the Police may decide that, although they may not yet have sufficient evidence to charge you, they do however have sufficient grounds to located you, arrest you and conveyed you to the Police station for interviewed.

Will I be interviewed?

Yes, the reason for asking you to attend at the Police station, is so that you can assist the Police with their enquiries, to do so, you will be asked questions under caution during interview.


Do I need a solicitor?

Whilst you are free to attend the Police station without a Solicitor, the Police will inform you prior to interview that you are entitled to have a Solicitor represent you and free legal advice.

If you decided to have a Solicitor represent you, your dedicated Solicitor at GQS Solicitors, is available 24 hours a day 365 days a year and will ensure the following:

That you are fully aware prior to interview of the nature of the offence the Police think you have committed. This includes when and where they think it was committed.

Your Solicitor will also ensure that are aware the police think you committed the offence and why they believe they need to interview you.