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Our fees

We are specialists in Motoring Law.

Legal Aid is not available for Drink Drive, Exceptional Hardship and Special reasons cases.

Our fixed fees for these matters are as follows:

  Amount VAT (20%) Total
Drink Drive - - -
Guilty Plea £500 £100 £600
Trial (Half Day) £900 £180 £1080
Exceptional Hardship £1,000 £200 £1,200
Special Reasons £1,000 £200 £1,200

Our fees include [Guilty Plea]:

  • Applying to the CPS to obtain your case papers [IDPC]
  • Considering and reviewing the evidence in your case
  • Taking your instructions.
  • Advising you on the merits of your case, the law, potential defence[s], plea and likely sentence [if plead guilty or convicted after trial].
  • Advising if Exceptional Hardship or Special reasons should be made.
  • Confirm all advice in writing.
  • Explaining the Court procedure to enable you to understand what you can expect on the day of your hearing.
  • Preparing and attending the first hearing in the Magistrates Court, taking instructions in respect of your sentence mitigation if you intend to plead guilty.
  • Confirming the outcome in writing.
  • Advice on sentence [confirmed in writing]
  • Advice on Appeal Against Sentence [confirmed in writing]

Not Guilty Plea [same as above but with below additions]:

  • Trial Preparation
  • Attending your trial hearing in the Magistrates Court.

The fee does not include:

  1. Disbursements, which are payments such as expert fees, mileage and parking.
  2. Taking statements from witnesses
  3. Additional hearings [if the matter is not concluded on the first day].
  4. Representation at an out of area Magistrate Court

How long will the matter take?
This will depend on your plea.
If you plead guilty at the first hearing then the matter may conclude on the same day or within a few weeks.
If you plead not guilty then your matter can take approx. 3 months to conclude.

Team Experience:
Our Team has a wealth of experience in all areas of motoring offences.
Please look at the solicitor’s profiles section which will highlight the individual solicitor’s experience.

For further information please call us on 0121 733 7070 or email