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An offence of murder is committed where the offender:

Unlawfully kills another person

At the time of the offence, was of sound mind and discretion

Had the intention to kill or cause grievous bodily harm


As murder is an extremely serious crime, the approach taken by judges, when sentencing such offences is set out in law.

Meaning that a judge must impose a life sentence and follow guidance on the minimum amount of time the offender must serve in prison before being considered for release.

If you have been arrested regarding an allegation of murder, you will undoubtedly be experiencing anxiety and be extremely concerned.

At GQS Solicitors we aim to address those concerns quickly and appropriately. We do this by ensuring that we not only listen to your concerns, but that we act upon your concerns in a way that helps you and us to respond in a way that offers you the best opportunity to provide a robust and meaningful defence. A defence that is supported by all available evidence and argued on your behalf by the best available Barristers and experts.

Defendants who claim to kill in acts of self-defence can also be just as guilty as those accused of murder or manslaughter.

For self-defence to apply the threat of harm must be immediate in nature. If the deceased used offensive words that do not infer any imminent threat of harm, a plea for self-defence would be unjustified.

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In some circumstances, murder may be mitigated to manslaughter as an alternative verdict.

Should the prosecution deem the elements involved in the case were not premeditated, or a pact was made between the deceased and the defendant.

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Do I need a Solicitor and if so, do I need a specialist solicitor?

Being accused of Murder is an extremely serious allegation and if proven will result in a very long and serious custodial penalty. The answer, therefore, is Yes, you do require a Solicitor, that is able to quickly identify any matters that support your position and to accurately respond to any weaknesses in the Police.

At GQS Solicitors your dedicated Solicitor, will have a proven track record of representing defendants who have been accused of or charged with murder.

At GQS Solicitors we pride ourselves not only in our proven track record, in defending serious allegations such as murder, but also in the approach that we take to such matters. This approach means that from the outset we consider all aspects of the alleged offence and potential defence(s) including but not limited to:

Ensuring that the Police have undertaken all reasonable lines of enquiry when investigating a crime.

Diligently seeking to review all evidence that supports a case against your guilt, including all information, material or witnesses that might undermine the case against you.

Considering the need to instruct at an early stage an appropriately qualified specialist senior barrister, to assist with any potential preparation and defence of your case.

Considering and implementing the instructing of appropriately qualified experts such as Barristers, forensic, scientific, digital, CCTV, medical.

Attempted Murder

Unlike murder, attempted murder is a failed or aborted attempt to kill. When convicting a defendant of attempted murder, the court must show that there is evidence of an intention to kill. Although death was avoided, the crime is still deemed severe and carries one of the most severe punishments in the criminal justice system.

A conviction for attempt murder can attract a maximum sentence of life imprisonment and an offence range of between 3 – 40 years’ custody. The offence of attempt murder can attract extended sentences for certain violent, sexual or terrorism offences.


Murder/Attempt Murder cases represented by GQS Solicitors


R v SY (Birmingham Crown Court) - Murder

SY was charged with Murder after it was alleged that he stabbed his friend whilst sat in the back of a vehicle. The front seat passenger attended Court and confirmed he had witnessed SY stab and kill the driver. There was a witness who confirmed that he burnt the blood stained clothes of SY. The girlfriend of SY confirmed that he came to her house after the Murder and was carrying a knife and he had confessed to the killing. When SY was arrested he was found by police in a house hiding under the bed and on arrest made the comment “It was either him or me” He was found Not Guilty after trial.


R v AT (Birmingham Crown Court) - Murder

AT was charged with Murder after he had been in a fight with a group of males and then chased their van. He continuously rammed into their van at high speed resulting in it crashing into a tree and killing the driver. He proceeded to trial and was found not guilty of Murder.


R v LH - Conspiracy to Commit Murder/Possession of a Shotgun

LH’s next door neighbour informed the police that she had an argument with LH who damaged her vehicle, the next day someone had knocked on her front door and when she went to open it someone wearing a balaclava shot at her with a shot gun, missed and hit her front door. 

Police executed a search warrant at the house of LH. A shotgun was found in the loft wrapped in a black bag. LH’s fingerprints were recovered from the bag. The prosecution decided to offer no evidence on the day of trial.


R v AA, KA (Birmingham Crown Court) - Attempt Murder

We represented 3 brothers charged with Attempt Murder in a gymnasium. It’s alleged that they entered a gym and stabbed and hit the victim with hammers. They were identified by witnesses on an ID parade. They were acquitted after trial.


R v AI (Birmingham Crown Court) - Attempt Murder and Conspiracy to Commit GBH

AI and others were charged with Attempt Murder and Conspiracy to Commit GBH with Intent. This incident was captured on CCTV showing AI and others in possession of a weapons [base-ball bats and samurai swords] running towards another group of males and attacking them, resulting in two members of the group suffering life threatening injuries, stabbing and shot gun wounds to the face. AI raised the defence of ‘Self Defence’ and was acquitted at trial.


R-GR (Warwick Justice Centre) - Murder

GR and 8 others were charged with Murder. The victim had been stabbed and shot. The matter proceeded to trial and the defendant was acquitted.