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How we won the case !!

Date: May 12, 2020

Our client was arrested for allegations of s18 Wounding, Possession of a Firearm

It was alleged he had attended the victim’s house and shot him at point blank range.

He instructed GQS at the police station and one of our experienced solicitors attended.

He denied the matter during his police interview [it was decided tactically not to provide an alibi at this stage] and agreed to stand on an identification parade.

He was identified by the victim and charged for these serious offences. He was facing a term of imprisonment of double figures.

The evidence against him at this stage was overwhelming.

We immediately instructed one of our experienced barristers who represented our client at the Crown Court.

We bombarded the prosecution with disclosure requests which unearthed some revealing evidence for the defence.

On the day of trial, the prosecution decided to offer no evidence and a not guilty verdict was entered.

Our client has provided a reference as a sign of gratitude.