Ahmer Sattar

Ahmer Sattar

Director/Solicitor and Head of Serious and Complex Crime

Ahmer is an experienced criminal and complex crime solicitor and advocate. He has over 24 years experience working in the criminal defence field and handles some of the most complex and substantial of cases.

Instructed by individuals to provide expert advice in some of the most complex criminal investigations nationwide in recent years.

He has defended clients investigated by Trident [Black on Black crime], Met Police, NCA, CPS.

Ahmer has built a reputation for providing practical and clear advice to his clients.

As an accredited Police Station Solicitor with many years experience, Ahmer has intimate knowledge of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act and will assist and provide expert advice to any client being interviewed for a criminal offence.

Ahmer takes a forensic approach to his clients cases, ensuring that all potential avenues are explored in detail and where appropriate expert witnesses are instructed to assist the client.

A selection of highly skilled contacts are available to Ahmer, including forensic experts, Queens Counsel and medical experts.