Notable Cases

Duracell Energy Drink Fraud – NOT GUILTY !!

The famous Duracell name in an elaborate scam to sell international rights to a non-existent energy drink.

Also on the trial was a Bradford criminal solicitor who allegedly “nobbled” witnesses and was filmed handing over money to buy their silence.

Revenge Killing- Aquittal !!!

GR was the first defendant of 9 accused of a planned revenge shooting.

Boiler Room Fraud

R-v-T and Others 2019 – Southwark Crown Court

Southwark Crown Court

GQS represented 2 defendants who faced a trial of Conspiracy to Defraud alongside a solicitor and employer of Barclays Bank. This was a scam to steal approximately £1.5 million from a customer’s bank account.

Ipswich Crown Court

GQS represented MT a lead defendant and a company director of a time share company charged with Conspiracy to Defraud in excess of a £1 million. Our client was acquitted after trial.

Coventry Crown Court

DH had been charged with a number of sexual assaults on his step daughter. He had maintained his innocence and had stated that…