Notable Cases

Duracell Energy Drink Fraud – NOT GUILTY !!

The famous Duracell name in an elaborate scam to sell international rights to a non-existent energy drink.

Also on the trial was a Bradford criminal solicitor who allegedly “nobbled” witnesses and was filmed handing over money to buy their silence.

Revenge Killing- Aquittal !!!

GR was the first defendant of 9 accused of a planned revenge shooting.

Boiler Room Fraud

R-v-T and Others 2019 – Southwark Crown Court

Gangland Shooter Walks Free

Our clients had been accused of staging a shooting in order to frame an innocent man, with the lead defendant accused of orchestrating events while being held in Prison on unrelated charges.

Child Seat Drugs acquittal.

JW was arrested and was in possession of a child seat concealing £30,000 worth of cocaine- we successfully defended JW and the prosecution offered no evidence against her.

Neighbour Shooting

LH had a long running feud with a woman whom she was accused of threatening, attacking with a hammer and then finally arranging for her murder. She was shot at on her door step. Clear evidence of motive, eye witness, forensic evidence and the fact she was…

Mother killer- acquitted of Murder.

The defendant was charged with Murder. He had stabbed his mother approximately 80 times. The matter proceeded to trial, the prosecution after reconsidering their case accepted a plea to the lessor charge of Manslaughter.

Lady with Drugs in Vase- Acquitted.

11 Handed Drugs Conspiracy – AR had been under surveillance and when arrested was found to be in possession of…

Drugs Importer – Not Guilty

D was charged with a number of Importations of drugs. There was damaging surveillance from the airport and phone evidence against our client. He was successfully defended by Jabeen Akhtar after a lengthy trial and was acquitted of all charges.